Most Deliberate Flouting of Privacy Settings

You can keep your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Richmonders who want to really take their messages big go old-school.

Hairdresser Daviece Clement used a billboard to launch her exhaustively covered dating campaign. The late Martin Agency executive Mike Hughes used a billboard to broadcast a message to his wife, Ginny: “Every day. Laughter. Joy. Love. For the rest of your life. L.M.” The message was all the more poignant because it went up just after his death. And social worker Maryann Cox celebrated her birthday with a billboard urging others to look beyond the surface of the people they meet.

Our favorite may have been the billboard that never was: a response to the Virginia Flaggers placing a giant Confederate flag on private property alongside Interstate 95 southbound, just outside town. The hypothetical billboard was positioned near the flag and depicted an arrow pointing to it, with the words: “I’m with stupid. Welcome to Richmond. We’re not all backwards-ass crackers.”

The billboard came from the mind of graphic designer Doug Dobey, and existed, sadly, only online. The flag still waves.


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