Most Anticipated Label Launch

Two years ago Spacebomb was poised to lead the Richmond creative musical scene into the spotlight with a series of releases highlighting the studio’s new take on old-school recording. The schedule was thrown off by the success of Matthew E. White’s debut record and the year-plus of worldwide touring that followed. Now, with Spacebomb’s eponymous funky attic studio merged with the more polished entity previously known as Songwire Studios, and White’s expanded debut augmented by an orchestral funky single from Howard Ivans, the label is launching its second stage. First up is the grand Dadaist psychedelia of Grandma Sparrow, the bizarre, razor-cute alter-ego of Megafaun’s Joe Westerlund. Waiting in the wings for a late- summer release is an album by Nashville singer Natalie Prass, which guitarist Trey Pollard says may be the studio’s best effort yet.


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