Most Addictive De-cluttering Technique

Organizing isn’t just about stuff, it’s about de-cluttering your mind and spirit, too, professional organizer Mindy Godding says. That may be why the Konmari method, popularized by Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo, is so buzzed-about.

Godding employs her own methods to get your house and office operating at peak efficiency, but says that Kondo is on the mark when it comes to organizing. Here are three reasons that help explain why the lifestyle revolution has become so popular.

1. Kondo’s methods are a version of what organizers have been saying for years: Keep only the things that bring meaning to your life. That old blouse that doesn’t fit because you really hit the kibble? Donate it. Konmari “is just another way of focusing on what brings positive energy into your world,” Godding says. “So many people have things that aren’t meaningful for them and it’s excess.”

2. Konmari emphasizes the importance of being grateful for the role many utilitarian items have in making your life easier. While they may be plain Jane, they’re necessary. Appreciating these items could help you make better selections of what to keep in the long run.

3. The method places an emphasis on meticulous folding, which can be both a good and a bad thing, Godding says. It’s great when done in a way that can improve the aesthetic of a space. But if it’s too tedious, you may not stick with it. “I don’t fold my underwear into beautiful squares and I don’t do that for my clients,” Godding says. “I don’t want to spend my time on that.”


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