Moon Hooch and the D.J. Williams Projekt at the Broadberry

Tuesday, April 7

New York trio Moon Hooch pulls off one of the hardest tricks in modern music: It makes jazz that people will like. These musicians don’t do it the easy way, either. Primarily using just two saxophones and a trap kit, their sound is stark but accessible with an emphasis on groove. That’s not to say the music has been dumbed-down — it’s full of melodic turns, odd time signatures and improvisations. The key to its appeal is that they engage and consider the listener instead of leaving them behind in narcissistic pursuits of let-them-eat-cake artistry. A lot of what they do could be accurately described as downright catchy. Best of all, Moon Hooch only gets better the more you listen. It channels the todays of futures past with the D.J. Williams Projekt on Tuesday, April 7, at the Broadberry. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $10-$13.


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