Mayme Beth F. Donohue, 33

Associate at Hunton Andrews Kurth

Blockchain, a new form of encrypted messaging that is captivating the business world, fascinates Mayme Beth F. Donohue.

It could transform how business is done, including the securities law she practices at Hunton Andrews Kurth, formerly known as Hunton & Williams, one of Richmond’s most prestigious law firms.

So, she spends a lot of time exploring it. “If there’s a produce recall at Walmart, it means the producer can be found in 2.2 seconds, not the usual five to seven days,” says Donohoue, who sees many applications at her job.

A Richmonder who went to Collegiate School, Donohue has worked at the law firm for three years. She majored in Spanish at the University of Virginia, took five years off, including working on Capitol Hill in Washington and on political campaigns on the West Coast, then came back to attend the University of Richmond School of Law.

While there, she made time to help coach the girl’s basketball team at Collegiate. She’s also busy with Side by Side, a LGBTQ group in Richmond that promotes understanding on gay issues. “We are working on the problems of facing homeless and hostility at homes,” she says. A recent activity is organizing Side by Side’s upcoming Glitter Glamjam Dance.

She got interested in blockchains when her brother tried to interest her in investing in a Bitcoin scheme a few years ago.

“I shied away but I could have become a zillionaire,” she says.

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