Making Merry

Gifts for the drinker in your life.

“Everyday Drinking” by Kingsley Amis
The original tome for the unrepentant alcohol-sodden gentleman (and gentle lady). Amis touches such wide-ranging topics as the boozing man’s diet, how to cure the physical (and meta-physical) hangover and the proper glassware choice for every situation. A must-have for the incorrigible drunk in your life.

Whiskey Stones
Ever wanted to enjoy a glass of cold whiskey without those pesky ice cubes diluting your pricey hooch? Of course you have! That’s where a couple of whiskey stones will come in handy. Made of soapstone, which has the unique ability to retain its temperature, just freeze these ice-cube-shaped rocks and drop them in your glass. Teroforma makes a great set, available on Amazon for $19.50.

Waiter’s Corkscrew
Everyone has some newfangled wine opener (usually of the butterfly variety) that generally is bulky, unreliable and about the unsexiest way you can go about opening a bottle of wine. So grab the wino in your life a simple waiter’s corkscrew. Elegant and effective, this is what the pros use. Find one at Total Wine for $10-$12 and never look back.

Imbibe Magazine
The drink industry’s premier magazine. Packed full of recipes, bars, people and long-form articles on what’s interesting in the world of booze. Hit up and get a year’s subscription for only $20. The alcohol aficionado in your life will thank you.

Stainless Steel Bar Tools
The rise of professional mixology has brought along a host of amateur mixers using whatever tools their kitchen has to offer, and inevitably making a mess of the drink (and their kitchen). This is where a simple set of bar tools, usually including a Hawthorne strainer, double-sided jigger, ice tongs, garnish knife and long stirrer — comes in handy (and makes you look like a pro). Williams-Sonoma ( sells a top-notch set for $79.95 and a smaller version for $34.95.


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