Lucas Fritz, 33

Owner and talent buyer, Broadberry Entertainment Group

Lucas Fritz has loved music ever since teaching himself guitar as a kid and becoming first chair trumpet player in his high school band. Then going to VCU opened his eyes to the greater Richmond music scene and he started regularly going to shows.

He began interning at the Camel venue in 2008, running sound, working the door, bar-backing, a little bit of everything. In 2014, the Broadberry opened near Arthur Ashe Boulevard and Fritz started transitioning to full-time work as its general manager. By 2018, Fritz had officially created Broadberry Entertainment Group, merging with Jessica Gordon’s Trigger System to became its own monster booking entity that puts on a whole lot of shows in Richmond and around Virginia.

When the pandemic started, they had to get creative, opening up their venues for practices, video sessions, live streams, whatever they could do to keep the live music scene going and the venues alive. “Life in RVA without Lucas would be a lot more boring,” says Stephen Lecky, director of events for Venture Richmond, in his nomination letter. “He strives to push this city to be its best, and is always working to make things happen that bring joy to people.”

Fritz’s wife is a first-grade teacher, so for nearly a decade Fritz has been involved with Career Day at her school, letting youth know they can be involved in different ways in the music and entertainment business. During the pandemic, the couple built a free pantry in their Jackson Ward neighborhood to help those in need with water, toiletries or necessary supplies. Fritz has also been involved with inclusive racing to build local running teams with the developmentally disabled.

“During COVID, Lucas has pivoted time and time again to make sure he and his organization can provide ways for people to still be entertained and for artists to work and entertain people,” notes Todd ‘Parney’ Parnell, the vice president and chief operating officer for the Richmond Flying Squirrels. “I’m personally awestruck at how active he is, and how balanced he is with his personal life and how he and his wife love and give back to this community.”

As concerts continue to ramp back up, Fritz is optimistic that the local scene will soon be stronger than it’s ever been. He also gives due credit to his driven and energetic partners and employees for hanging in there.

Fritz feels that he’s traded in his own instrument to help facilitate performances for others. “I’m proudest of being able to offer a platform for local, regional and national musicians to really showcase what they’re doing,” he says.


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