Local Grocery Store

First place

Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market (Hall of Fame Winner)

4 N. Thompson St.

Second place: Libbie Market
Third place: Good Foods Grocery
Fourth place: The Market at 25th
Honorable mention: Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market

Initially started as a community market called City Market near Patterson and Libbie avenues in 1989, Ellwood Thompson’s became the locally sourced, organic powerhouse it’s known as today when it moved to its current home at Ellwood Avenue and Thompson Street in 1993.

Since then, the grocer has become the place to shop for those who care about fresh, locally grown, sustainably sourced food. These days, Ellwood Thompson’s offers a full-service meat and seafood department, a coffee and juice bar, an in-house bakery and a hot bar of vegan and nonvegan options that’s disturbingly addictive. With ample seating in the front of the store, Ellwood Thompson’s is great for meet-ups, teleworking or simply grabbing a quick bite.

As a grocery store, Ellwood Thompson’s has remained open throughout the pandemic, but recently saw the return of in-house and patio dining in early July.


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