Cell-Phone Law Hurts Neighborhoods

Cell phones are not “phones.” They are radio transmissions — something that neither former-Gov. Douglas Wilder, nor Newt Gingrich were aware of when separately discussing things on cell phones that they otherwise would not have said.

Unlike low-band frequencies (30-50 MHz) which only require one city tower, or high-band frequencies (152-174 MHz) which may require two, the higher up the frequency spectrum, the more inefficient the service. This is due to a need for many towers to compensate for very short distance range of radio (talk) transmissions. This is great for those who sell radio equipment. However, it is not only costly, but ruins environscapes. And we call this progress?

Statutory intent of public laws must pass constitutional challenges in order to survive. If we have bad law and it does not get challenged, then we are stuck with bad law. The failure to challenge loss of freedoms is the failure of democracy. We should be insulted by the service provider’s quotes of “inevitable” and “ultimately.” This leaves no room for compromise, but relies on a jaundiced interpretation of specious law that asks much but provides little.

Cell phones are not the be-all, end-all. They supplanted a much cheaper, more reliable form of Citizens Band and Family Radio spectrums that only needed a legal authority of increased power (watts) to be effective. – Ronald


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