LETTER: Community Wealth Building Is Time Well Spent

Thanks for the informative article about the work of the Mayor’s Office of Community Wealth Building.

Sure, it’s a “long haul,” but these programs can be game changers for our city. This office, strongly endorsed by city elected leaders and local opinion leaders, is drawing upon decades of experience, both good and bad, fighting poverty across this nation. It is determined to build community-derived models of success and then replicate them.

The immediate victories will seem small. Measurable impacts will take time. Successful programs will demand much larger investments. For instance, if we are going to guarantee appropriate post-secondary education for every young woman and man graduating from Richmond’s high schools, it will require bold and generous acts by individuals, businesses and foundations. But such things can happen.

Richmond’s Office of Community Wealth Building is focused on strategic initiatives aimed at helping poor families deal with all of life’s challenges, enabling them to move up the economic ladder. It challenges all Richmonders to build up the foundations of our community by reducing immoral inequities, strengthening our local economy and improving everyone’s way of life. It deserves our strong — and long haul — support.

Ben Ragsdale


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