Kari Smith at The Camel

The myth of the Nashville singer-songwriter is full of troubles: waitressing at a place you can't get no respect, car blowed up, boyfriend's a Nigerian online scammer… who done left you for an Australian widow. There's all kinds of stories that translate to good listening hard times, but former Richmonder Kari Smith, now living in Nashville, has a new one. See, the flame-haired Smith put out a new CD, “Gypsy of Love,” an album that hits the low notes of heartache and the high notes of youth with Smith's countrified croon, her most developed sound to date. And she was supposed to have her CD release show at Highwater at Toad's Place, which, well there you go. (On the next album we predict “Venue Change” will be her hit single.) So Smith packed up guitar, wild piano and sass and moved it on over to The Camel for her new and improved CD release show on Friday, March 20 at 7 p.m. $5. 353-4901. — Brandon Reynolds


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