High on Fire, Mountain of Wizard, Windhand and Inter Arma at the Broadberry

Thursday, Jan. 8

High on Fire is heavy metal. Raw, combative and loud, the Oakland-based trio embodies all the elemental dooms and glooms that define the genre. The group is more feel-based than most of the fret-board gymnasts playing the music today, opting for a gelatinous sludge rooted in Black Sabbath bombast. Its grungy, slowly pulled taffy take on metal owes no small measure of debt to the gluey porch treatments of the Melvins, but High on Fire is more tenacious than its avant-metal counterparts. As satisfying as the group’s most recent studio albums are, such as 2010’s “Snakes for the Divine” and 2012’s “De Vermis Mysteriis,” the best way to experience High on Fire’s damaged riff rock is live and in the flesh. It brings its pulverizing annihilations to the Broadberry on Thursday, Jan. 8, with Mountain of Wizard from New Orleans, and Richmond’s acclaimed metal groups Windhand and Inter Arma opening. Doors for the all-ages show are at 6 p.m. Admission is $20. thebroadberry.com.


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