Hardest-Working Promoter

Long before the band arrives, and even longer before the late-arriving late-night crowd seeps in, Balliceaux booker Chris Bopst has been setting the stage. The inevitable physical business of schlepping chairs, moving tables and fetching music is complemented by a virtual hustle of impressive originality. The pitch starts with digital posters infused with color, humor and pulp magazine imagery (“Photoshop is my favorite video game,” Bopst says). It continues, even after the performance starts, with a flurry of Tweets and Facebook posts and photos — here’s what you’re missing, it’s not too late.  The club’s eclectic mix — rock and soul bands, jazz improvisation, world music and adventurous DJ sessions — reflects Bopst’s energetically varied career. After a series of idiosyncratic roles — bassist for Gwar and SST’s Alter Natives, genre-bending radio personality, profane and acerbic music writer — he’s found perhaps the least probable of all, hipster mother hen.


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