George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic at Fridays at Sunset

Friday, June 2

While Technicolor-haired funk legend George Clinton will undoubtedly bring plenty of '70s afro exuberance to the stage when he makes his scheduled appearance at the Fridays at Sunset concert series, it will be with a bit less groove considering the recent death of the ensemble's signature guitarist, Garry Shider. Serving as musical director for both Parliament and Funkadelic, laying down licks featured on such hits as “One Nation Under a Groove” and “Atomic Dog,” Shider, otherwise beloved as Diaper Man in reference to his unorthodox stage garb, will be sorely missed from the night's proceedings. Sure to give up plenty of extra funk in honor of his memory, Clinton and his party-starting assemblage are scheduled to perform at Brown's Island at 6 p.m. $25. For information visit   


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