Four Most Classically Reworked Jokes About Richmond

It’s time to retire that hoary old “how many Richmonders does it take to screw in the light bulb” routine (it takes four people, don’t you know — one person to screw it in, three to talk about how great the old light bulb was). So we asked the Richmond Comedy Coalition to come up with some brand new jokes about River City, and those poll-topping wiseacres were only too happy to oblige.

1. What does the Byrd Theatre have in common with Sunday brunch at Godfrey’s?

You never know when a huge organ is going to pop out at you!

2. Why does Mayor Dwight Jones call the cops whenever he needs to use the bathroom?

It’s always Occupied.

3. What do weatherman Jim Duncan and a Jackson Ward hipster have in common?

They both knew to wear their jackets before it was cool. Also — neck tattoos.

4. What do you call a person from Mechanicsville visiting Richmond?

A cab.


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