Flower Girls & Ring Bearers:

Small Details That Mean A Lot

Other factors to consider include:

• Length. Make sure hemlines are high enough to avoid falls caused by long skirts or pants.

• Comfort. Keeping clothes comfortable and age-appropriate is a must for little ones, especially if you don’t’ want to watch them fidget or have a meltdown. Avoid tight shoes, high heels, scratchy fabrics, etc. To help get them used to their outfit, encourage your flower girl and ring bearer to wear their ensemble – under adult supervision of course – a few times before the wedding actually takes place.

• Season. If your wedding is during the winter, choose heavier fabrics such as satin and velvet that not only complement the season, but also keep your little ones warm. For warmer climates, opt for lighter fabrics, such as seersucker or linen for ring bearers and silk or cotton for flower girls, to help your young guests keep their cool.

• Color. As part of your wedding party, the color of your ring bearer and flower girl’s outfits should be coordinated with their grown up counterparts. Traditional choices for a ring bearer include miniature versions of the groom’s tuxedo or a dark-colored suit. A flower girl’s dress typically complements the bride or bridesmaids’ gown and uses color as a detail to tie it into the rest of the wedding party’s color scheme.

• Quality. Opt for clothes that are well made of quality material that isn’t prone to wrinkling. Consider an outfit that can be worn for other special occasions such as portraits and family celebrations.


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