Fed Up with Robberies, Carytown Shop Closes

The window mannequins attracted some attention, and business soon took off. The shop’s philosophy, Holly says: “If what’s in the cup is the best that we taste, they’ll forgive us for the décor and everything.” In 1993 Holly and Gantz opened a second shop on Gaskins Road.

They decided to close both stores after their Carytown shop was robbed at gunpoint one evening about a month ago. The clerk “ended up on the floor with a gun on him,” Holly says, while outside, unwitting passersby strolled along West Cary Street.

In its first 15 years of operation, the Carytown store had endured only one robbery, when someone ran in, pushed the cashier and grabbed a handful of cash out of the register, Holly says. The man wasn’t armed. But in the last three years, he says, the shop has been robbed at gunpoint three times. That was enough.

Holly and Gantz will turn their attention to their other business, the catering and frozen-drink company Tropical Trolley. The last day for a taste of chocolate or Key lime yogurt is Dec. 21. — Melissa Scott Sinclair


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