Fall Arts Preview

PHOTOGRAPHY: Storytelling Portraits
A new exhibition of artist Man Ray’s works examines the lesser-known subjects of his photography in Paris.

BOOKS: Poe-sitive Vibes
A Richmonder releases the world’s first self-help book based on Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

CULTURAL ARTS: Southland Tales
The curtain goes up at the Perkinson Center for the Arts in Chester.

THEATER: A New Stage
As theater begins to emerge from the pandemic, local theater groups are staging revivals and stories about race, sexual orientation and spiritual healing.

MOVIES: Fall Flicks
The upcoming season is chock-full of interesting leftovers.

ARCHITECTURE: Pleasing to the Eye
A look at two new mixed-use building projects in Manchester that deserve to be called fine art.

EVENT PICKS: Fall Highlights
A look at some of the arts and culture events scheduled over the next few months – unless things change.


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