Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade at Hardywood

Friday, Nov. 22. 6 p.m.

Country music and alcohol go hand in hand. While it’s true that you don’t need to get drunk to appreciate country music, it sure doesn’t hurt. Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade know this. The Richmond quintet’s homespun take on American rural traditions sounds better after a couple of beers. I don’t mean to imply that its brand of bucolic rock needs a drink to be appreciated, because it doesn’t. I mention it because the group’s sober appraisals of the human condition are the reason why some people turn to the bottle. And that’s not always a bad thing. “Now We Both Know (That You Knew First)” and “Spilt Coffee; the End” from the band’s 2011 release, “V,” give voice to emotional situations ripe for drunken heartache. But they’re conveyed with a dignity and resolve to make the best out of a bad situation. Exebelle and the Rusted Cavalcade play Friday, Nov. 22, at Hardywood Park Craft Brewery. The show starts at 6 p.m. Free. hardywood.com.


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