DJ Ghozt’s Seven Biggest Party Starters Right Now

We asked Brian Concannon to share some of his surefire dance songs. He’s also made a mini-mix that’s available for free download at

1. Cazzette, “Beam Me Up (Original Mix)”: I’ve had this in rotation since February. Great vocal. Love the high-hats in the breakdown.

2. Daft Punk, “Get Lucky (MHand Remix)”: When is Daft Punk ever the wrong answer?

3. DJ Dan and Lookback, “Nothin’ But a Party (Original Mix)”: The Fatback Band sample says it all. “Party time is anytime and anytime is party time!”

4. 2 Chainz, “I’m Different (Enferno Remix)”: Never has a single piano note evoked a bigger reaction.

5. Alvaro and Mercer featuring Lil’ Jon, “Welcome to the Jungle (Original Mix)”: Turbulence.

6. Krewella, “Alive (Cash Cash and Kalkutta Remix)”: Such a great song on so many levels.

7. Ruen and Mister Gray, “Shake That … (Original Mix)”: I don’t always play throwbacks at peak hour, but when I do it’s Splack Pack.


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