Comfort Switches Its Business Model to Focus on Charity

Cuisine With a Cause

Local restaurateur Jason Alley wants to give back. Last week he [and co-owner Michele Jones] announced that their downtown Southern restaurant Comfort will shift its business model to focus on ending hunger in the greater Richmond area” by donating all of its net profits to local hunger-relief organization FeedMore.

“When you’re looking at how to be effective when giving back, those guys are a no-brainer,” Alley says of the charity. “They’re really excited to partner with us, and it just all made sense.”

Comfort will begin hosting fundraising events and awareness campaigns to benefit FeedMore, and guests at the restaurant have the option of donating extra money on top of the dinner check.

“The intention has never been to get exceedingly wealthy,” he says. “We want to be able to take care of our families and give back, and that giving back is something that’s really important to us.”

New Brew in View

Because we just can’t get enough beer in this city, a new brewery will make its debut this weekend. Canon & Draw Brewing Co., at 1527 W. Main St. in the Fan, will open for business at noon on Saturday, March 10. One of the flagship beers will be River City Tap Water, a crisp American lager with 5 percent alcohol.


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