Cedar Creek at Uptown Alley

Saturday, Dec. 27

Richmond’s Cedar Creek is country party music: a polished 21st-century brand of country, but one that doesn’t come across like a Monsanto concoction of vintage Americana. This is a good-natured brand of crazy-bout-a-Ford-truck-fun that’s ready, willing and able to get the hoedown started. Cedar Creek isn’t afraid to switch things up on you either, playing misty-eyed spirituals and cry-in-your-beer ballads in-between the party starters. But mostly, the quintet-featuring vocalist and pianist Danny Kensy, guitarists Sam Keene and John Caruso, bassist Johnny Haney and drummer Tim Moore concern themselves with the task of winding you up — and it’s a job they do well. Cedar Creek churns out the honky-tonk rock Saturday, Dec. 27, at Uptown Alley. Doors open at 8 p.m. Admission is $5. uptownalleyrichmond.com.


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