Brunch in June

Three places to enjoy brunch before the summer humidity gets oppressive.


June is a fully get-yourself-outside month, in my opinion.

It’s the Goldilocks’ month in Virginia, not too hot and not too cold, and there’s really no better place to spend your dining dollars than on a patio enjoying brunch with your bestie, boo, or brood.

But where? Luckily, Richmond has the perfect patios for every mid-day weekender’s noshing needs.


Burton’s Grill in Carytown

Carytown Exchange

3520 W. Cary St.

John Haggai, the CEO of Boston-based Burton’s Grill, is a veteran Richmond restauranteur. Once part of the crew that started the successful Tazza Kitchen and Cafe Caturra, Haggai is not a stranger to what Richmond wants in a brunch. At Burton’s, you can find fresh juices (make them adult if your heart desires), local coffee and sharable, made-to-order mini cinnamon-y donuts. Get the sustainable, Allen Brothers flat iron steak and a brilliant set of poached eggs topped with herby chimichurri, or take a veggie trip with a light but packed Mediterranean frittata, all artichoke and spinach. Both are a filling backdrop to people-watching on Burton’s expansive patio.

Stock board at Stock Bistro and Bar.

Stock Bistro and Bar located in Txtur

604 Hull St.

The second location (the original is in Roanoke) of Stock just opened in Richmond and is wonderfully similar to the first, airy and stylish. Comfy and modern furniture make up a covered patio outside the reconverted train station; you can dine in here, too. Take in the ever-bustling Manchester and enjoy a gravlax Smørrebrød, an open- faced, soft “toast” with herbs, creme fraiche and capers. And it would be a travesty if you missed the Stock Board, a sigh-inducing array of smoked fish, chunks of Nordic-style cheese, and crunchy house-made rye crackers. Yes, that chair you are sitting on is for sale.

The mortadella at Blue Atlas.

Blue Atlas 

1000 Carlisle Ave., suite 200

It’s serendipitous when the view and the food are equally amazing, don’t you think? The expansive back patio of Blue Atlas and the view from the top of Fulton match expertly.  Award-winning chef husband-and-wife team Ben Watters (Next in Chicago, Illinois, Lemaire and Brenner Pass in Richmond) and Racheal Best (Leaf in Boulder, Colorado) provide an excellent and thoughtful brunch that includes a choice morty-d and fast fried egg breakfast sandwich with punchy spiced mayonnaise and a soft, toasty brioche bun. Vegans will rejoice when perusing the brunch and pop their eyeballs on the avocado toast. Avocado and pistachio dukkah, a seed-and-spice blend make a perfect landing for alfalfa sprouts (happy to see these making a comeback) and red pepper. You’d be mistaken if you didn’t take the pastry of the day.


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