Biggest Bar Fight

Saving Buddy’s

We’d barely celebrated the New Year when the clock was set to run out for Buddy’s. Midway through January, word was out that the lease might not get renewed for the Fan bar, at the corner of Stuart Avenue and Robinson Street. This may have caused some people to shrug, even say good riddance in a few cases. But for the most part there was an outpouring of support, media attention and a Facebook page that drew some 3,000 members. It was a rallying cry! And in the end, there were lease negotiations between the owners and the landlord, Charlie Diradour. It was announced that the place would be around at least three more years. “Charlie and I have done business together for 25 years,” Buddy’s co-owner Mike Dealto said in a statement when it was all over, “and although we have not always seen eye to eye, we have always respected one another and that respect led to this meeting of the minds tonight.” So, have you been to Buddy’s?


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