Best way to wear out your dog

Canine Adventure
3023 Pinehurst Road

We all know the look. You’re on your way out the door for work, juggling your keys and packed lunch, you glance back, and there it is: The expression on your dog’s face clearly says “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me. Again.”

It’s not easy to leave your pup in the morning, especially when you know the day won’t allow for a walk any more extensive than a lap or two around the block. If only your fur baby could take advantage of Richmond’s spectacular parks and trails during the workday, or have a lunchtime jaunt by the river.

That’s where Canine Adventure comes in. In addition to traditional dog walking and pet sitting, the Henrico-based company also offers adventure walks. A walker will pick up your pup for a two-hour excursion, which may include swimming, rock hopping and playing with other dogs. Your pooch will first go on a solo adventure, with a human, of course, for the walker to determine its needs and obedience level. For group adventures, the company keeps packs small, so each dog can get individual attention and work on obedience training.

At the end of the day your dog will be exhausted and happy, and you won’t be racked with guilt for leaving Fido alone in the house for nine hours. What could be better than that, aside from playing hooky and taking him for a day hike yourself?


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