Best Way to Try Vegetarianism

People choose vegetarianism for a host of reasons — personal health, religious beliefs, concern for the environment, animal rights — and others fall into it unintentionally. You start out doing meatless Mondays, and before you know it, you’re doing meatless March. If the idea of going veg is on your radar, take some tips from Brenda Morris of the Vegetarian Society of Richmond:

1. Make a list of all vegetarian foods you already like and make sure you have easy go-to snacks like almonds that you can grab quickly while on the go.

2. Check out vegetarian dinners and meet-ups. Maybe even join the Vegetarian Society of Richmond, where you’ll meet lots of people at different stages of the transition. Ask for advice, recipes and especially, stories of other people’s transition and setbacks.

3. Take your veg status one day at a time. To go veg for life can be intimidating, so don’t get discouraged or dissuaded by restrictions or labels.

When it comes to eating out, Morris suggests Green Leaf for mock meat, the Daily for vegan buckwheat pancakes, Harrison Street Café for breakfast, and even chains such as Chipotle for burritos and Panera’s black bean soup in a bread bowl.


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