Best way to love the burn

Edoardo Vasaio’s Hot Peppers

Holy hell. When it comes to bottles of hot sauce, most don’t live up to the name. That is definitely not true of Ed Vasaio’s scorching hot sauce. Not only does the lingering heat burn so good, but there is delicious flavor riding that magma wave. This is the kind of sauce where truly a little dab will do ya. Rookie tips: You’re going to want to wash your hands after coming within 10 feet of a bottle. Seriously, any barely visible trace of this stuff remains and you’re asking for trouble. Have plenty milk on hand if you start to freak out or — heaven forbid — if you’re involved in any kind of hot-and-heavy physical contact with another person after taco night. Sweet Jesus, don’t remind me. You can only find it certain times of the year at choice spots like 8 ½ on Strawberry Street. So like all good things, you kind of have to work for it. It’s not like Spotify.


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