Best Tailor

George’s Alterations

1344 Gaskins Road

Second Place: Vincent Custom Tailor

Third Place: Mitchem Shoe Repair & Alterations Shop

At some point in his life, a man should own a suit that fits him perfectly. But not everyone can go to Savile Row in London to order a bespoke suit from Kilgour — a suit that takes six to eight weeks and about five fittings to create. The rest of us can take our suits (or dresses) to George’s Alteration Shop on Gaskins Road, where George Livaniou and his expert seamstresses tuck and hem for the perfect fit. Livaniou has been in the business for 54 years, altering generations of Richmonders’ prom dresses, wedding gowns and suits. Vincent’s Custom Tailor Shop is a West End favorite. And Mitchem Shoe Repair & Alterations Shop in Carytown (look for the cool shoe-shaped sign) has been neatly repairing garments and footwear for nine years.


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