Best Strip Mall to Soak up World Culture at an Affordable Price

It’s unlikely that anywhere else in the metro area holds the wondrous international mix of Tuckernuck Square at 9026 W. Broad St. By wondrous, we mean the most mouthwatering sausages and creamiest Russian havarti to be had at the European Deli, which sits next to a Chinese joint that sits next to a Filipino market called Tindahan — pronounced Teen-DAH-hahn. The word means, conveniently enough, “store” in Tagalog. Asian food and dry goods for sale in front, hot meals served from the back. Best-sellers are pancit, which are stir-fried clear noodles with vegetables and the meat of your choice, and lumpia, the Filipino version of spring rolls. True, the mall features a Chuck E. Cheese’s, which is kind of like food. But it’s also home to two Greek and one Japanese restaurant and, until recently, an Afghan restaurant. “That closed,” a young woman at Tindahan reports. “I think the new place is Indian.”


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