Best Stops for Bob McDonnell’s “Last Night of Freedom” Bar Crawl

Will the former Virginia governor go to prison on corruption charges or won’t he? While the appeals process takes its course, we say it’s important to plan a good sendoff party. You’ll have plenty of time for self-reflection later. For now, live it up!

Stop 1: The Roosevelt. This place has enough Southern charm that even its Democrat-inspired namesake wouldn’t keep a conservative Republican from requesting his last meal while a free man here.

Stop 2: Off the Hookah. Well, that depends on the appeal. But no downfall would be complete without a little irony. Throwing down where you can light up some flavored hookah smoke would send a simple “up yours” to a key player in this mess, the creator of CigRx, Jonnie Williams.

Stop 3: Paper Moon Gentlemen’s Club. McDonnell may have caught heat from women’s rights activists for signing a mandatory ultrasound bill, but these ladies probably won’t mind entertaining him for a few good tips.

Stop 4: Godfrey’s. After sleeping in late the next morning, what better way to send off a prison-bound conservative than with a drag brunch? Plus, these beauties may ease the transition to the ones who have less access to makeup on the cell block.


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