Best Smartphone Repair

first place:

I-Rite iPhone Screen Repair

7313 Hancock Village Drive

Second place: Fruit Fixed

Third place: Mr. Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair

Those pesky mobile phone devices. Not only do they rule our lives, but they break too damn easily, too. And apparently, there are a lot of klutzes out there, because iPhone screen repair is a thriving business that can quickly lead to bigger things, as the growth of this winner, i-Rite illustrates.

Owner Lee Whritenour started the i-Rite company in 2012 after fixing his sister-in-law’s iPhone 3G. A tech wiz, he began working out of his home, going to and from people’s houses. He soon earned so much business that he needed to open brick and mortar locations in Short Pump and Chesterfield, hiring his brother as his first employee.

Most recently, he closed the former Short Pump location is moving into a larger space there because his company is now moving into drone repair and possibly televisions as well, he says.

“The most important thing is building relationships with customers,” Whritenour says. “We really focus on good customer service. Reviews [on places like Google and Yelp] are probably the most important thing in our business.”

The i-Rite company specializes in iPhone, iPad, iPod, i-everything basically, as well as Galaxy and Android cell phone repairs. If you’re having problems with your Macbook or Windows desktop computers and laptops, it can also help there, too. And for you gamers who like to smash things, they’ve recently started gaming console repairs on PlayStations, Xboxes and Nintendos. It fixes smart watches now, too.


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