Best Rising Star Younger Than 18

We first heard about Midlothian resident Devin Druid when suddenly he was acting alongside heavyweights Frances McDormand and Richard Jenkins in the critically acclaimed HBO drama “Olive Kitteridge.” Turns out the 17-year-old steadily has been making a name for himself in Hollywood with mature and smart performances. He played the young Louis C.K. on his television show and turned heads alongside Jesse Eisenberg in the foreign film “Louder than Bombs,” which was in the top competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. He’s lending his talents to local productions too, having played a part in the Virginia Commonwealth University film version of “Macbeth,” filmed by “Turn” star Angus Macfadyen

Perhaps even more impressive is that the workaholic Druid suffers from a rare and painful genetic condition, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which causes his bones to dislocate easily, sometimes in his sleep. But that didn’t stop him from campaigning online in February to be cast as the famous web slinger in the new Hollywood version of “Spider-Man.” A humble and thoughtful young man in interviews, Druid’s story is one to watch and root for as he follows his dream of making interesting films.


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