Best Richmond Metal or Hardcore Band

Hall of Fame: Gwar

First Place: Lamb of God

Second Place: Iron Reagan

Third Place: Gritter

Gwar gets the first Hall of Fame nod in the metal category, and it’s no surprise, considering that it’s the cartoon monster art collective that put Richmond on the underground musical map way back in the 1980s. And it carries on after the death of mastermind Dave Brockie. But as far as acts that pull large crowds around the world, it’s hard to top Lamb of God, with its multitalented frontman, Randy Blythe, also into writing and photography. Following this summer tour, Blythe has told music magazines the band will go on hiatus. It’s probably not easy screaming onstage into old age every night to brutal metal music, but luckily Blythe has the skills and curiosity to stay creative, as do the other members. We’re sure they’ll be back.


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