Best restaurant inside a grocery store

The Pub by Wegmans 

12501 Stone Village Way, Midlothian and 1200 Wegmans Blvd., Henrico
419-9900 and 377-4100

What do you love about Wegmans? Is it the aisles upon aisles of beer and wine? The seemingly always-on-sale store-brand flavored seltzer? How about the bakery with shelves of fresh bread and pay-by-the-pound assorted cookies? We’re fans of those things too, of course, but it’s the pub that draws us to Wegmans. 

Don’t overlook this little restaurant just because it’s tucked into the corner of a grocery store. The menu features appetizers like crispy coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce, a cheese and charcuterie board and warm Bavarian soft pretzel sticks with Yuengling beer cheese sauce. Sandwiches, all served with a choice of Tuscan fries (sub truffle-parmesan fries for $2), fresh veggies, soup or salad, include a chicken shawarma wrap, a classic Reuben, a lobster roll and four different burgers. On the entree side you’ll find a veggie-grain tempeh bowl, crab cakes, rigatoni Bolognese and braised short ribs. 

While the store may not be local, a lot of the beer is. On tap you’ll find brews from Hardywood, Center of the Universe and Triple Crossing. 

And one of the beautiful things about operating a restaurant inside a grocery store? If the kitchen runs out of rockfish during the dinner rush, someone can hop on over to the seafood counter to grab more. 


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