Best Reason to Go to a Brewery If You Don’t Drink Beer

You might not expect a place dedicated to drinking to bring back geek chic, but that’s just what Hardywood has done with its quarterly-ish Cover to Cover series. Featuring a full album performance by a mixed bag of actors and musicians, the series kicked off with They Might Be Giants’ “Flood,” considered a pioneering album in the evolution of college rock. It was brought into the 21st century with cameo vocals by actors from Richmond’s theater scene, a violinist from the Richmond Symphony on “Istanbul” and original choreography by Starr Foster Dance Project. The crowd was so into it, or maybe drunk and unaware, that the band performed “Birdhouse in Your Soul” twice. Next up is the Killers’ seminal glam rock debut, “Hot Fuss,” somehow already a decade old and scheduled to be played start-to-finish June 6. With any luck, they’ll bring in a gospel choir to do “All These Things That I’ve Done,” hopefully at least twice.


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