Best Place to Score the One and Only Reporter’s Notebook

And there is a one and only reporter’s notebook. Newspapers across the country ordered the slim tablets from Stationers Inc., originally located downtown and now at 1919 Westmoreland St.

The turbulent print industry has taken its toll on business orders, but the place still gets calls from the sentimental and purists who eschew legal pads and the flimsy copycats. The Stationers reporter’s notebook is sturdy and comes in college-rule and in a handy pocket size.

Last year, the notebook made its Broadway debut in Nora Ephron’s play “Lucky Guy” starring actor Tom Hanks. He plays Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Mike McAlary and heard Stationers notebooks were the tool of the trade, so his assistant ordered some. Hanks, nice guy that he is, signed a few and sent them back to the store.

Stationers carries not only reporters’ notebooks, but also police, firefighter, sheriff and the elusive game-warden notebooks. Owner Tom Edwards’ father started the whole thing 70 years ago, the story goes, but any more detail requires talking to Edwards, who is, wouldn’t you know it, press shy.


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