Best place to eat a Wu Tang sandwich

Brewer’s Cafe

1125 Bainbridge St.

Recently during sandwich week, the warm and hospitable Brewer’s Café in Manchester, one of our nearby favorite spots, created a menu dedicated to one of hip-hop’s most legendary groups, the Wu Tang Clan. You could order from a diverse array of tasty options including an Old Dirty Bacon (bacon, egg and cheddar), The RZA Wrap (vegetarian), Ghostface Griller (turkey, egg, provolone), Cappa Croissant (tuna) and the Raekwon Roll (turkey and provolone).

Even better, the proceeds went to the Richmond Public Schools.

Now this kind of creative sandwich menu makes us suddenly feel OK about all the various product-themed weeks of the year. Everybody knows that small businesses constantly have to brainstorm and be creative to attract steady business (TV commercials are expensive, print ads not so much). We applaud these folks for having some fun with it, doing good — and, of course, for their excellent coffee.

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