Best Place to Befriend a Lady Arm Wrestler

Manchester is kicking ass and taking names these days, and Lovebomb is one of the reasons why. Home to artists Lily Lamberta, Heide Trepanier and Julie Elkins, Lovebomb also hosts RAWFL — Richmond Arm Wrestling For Ladies — as surreal an evening’s entertainment as you’re likely to find north or south of the river. Grab a drink from the bar staffed by a local nonprofit, meaning your drinking supports a nonprofit, and settle back to watch the likes of Camela Toe, Amazonia, Pussy Power and Prancercizer battle it out for the golden belt. The play money you’re given when you pay your admission is intended to bribe the referee or, if one of the wrestlers catches your eye, stuff into her bra or panties. Don’t be shy, it’s all for a good cause.


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