Best Place for Karaoke

First Place: Sticky Rice

2232 W Main St.

Second Place: Caddy’s

Third Place: Cary Street Café

Like death, taxes and tattoos, karaoke at Sticky Rice is one of the sure things about life in Richmond. When Tuesdays roll around, so does a mixed crowd with a little bit of every subgroup represented, Pabst Blue Ribbon and tater tot buckets providing the connective tissue that binds these disparate souls together. And if there’s one guarantee at Sticky Rice, it’s that at some point someone will sing Journey, making Steve Perry the patron saint of karaoke here. For the uninitiated, it’s more about the high entertainment value than having a good voice, which puts it in regular rotation for many locals. As one longtime attendee puts it, “It’s popular because who doesn’t love drunk people trying to sing?” Clearly some of our readers need a karaoke fix a little more often than just Tuesdays, and the runners-up address those needs. Caddy’s in Midlothian invites you to belt it out Monday through Saturday from 9:30 p.m. to close. Venerable hippie bar Cary Street Café lets you indulge your inner star Sundays and Mondays, starting at 9:30 p.m.


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