Best Place for Exotic Ingredients

Prepare yourself before you walk into New Grand Mart, the Asian-Indian-Latin market in Chippenham Square on South Side. With so much to see, you may be there for a while.

In the produce section, you’ll find green sesame leaves and fresh chickpeas still in the pods. There’s roughly chopped calabaza — a West Indian winter squash — and baby guava. Or you can pick up either Thai or Chinese okra.

Moving on, you may consider grabbing a package of preserved duck eggs. But if their blackened appearance deters you, you can opt for salted duck eggs instead. Or maybe the more familiar “nest eggs from hens who have the freedom to roam the hen house and behave naturally” are more your style.

Tuna can come in hot pepper sauce, and if you’d like to take an unexpected walk on the wild side, pick up a bag of Korean Cheetos that turn out to be flavored with Korean barbecue sauce — specifically, beef galbi.

All parts of domesticated farm animals, including goat, can be found, including tongues, knees and tendons. And if you go to this store for nothing else, you must put seafood on your list. The selection is enormous. You can pick up live blue crabs yourself (or your children can) with a small wooden rake, baby octopus, live conch in the shell, carp — alive and swimming lazily in a long tank — and a variety of clams that include the black-mottled blood and narrow razor.

Put them all in your cart — you can look up recipes later.


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