Best Place for a Pop-Up

How do you like your pop-up? If one location with revolving kitchens hits your sweet spot, Cask Cafe has you covered. One-night takeovers at the beer-focused outpost on South Robinson Street include Saison, Curry Craft Indian Restaurant & Bar, Brux’l Cafe and Lucy’s Restaurant, to name a few.

But if your pop-up preference is a moveable feast, look no further than the Jackdaw, a dinner event devoted to Chinese cooking that neither breaks new ground nor maintains traditions, meaning the ever-changing menu appeals to broad American tastes. Think steamed buns of barbecue duck hot dog and fried chicken sticky with barrel-aged soy, ginger, chilies and peanuts — the kinds of dishes that have tickled taste buds at the former Shoryuken Ramen, Millie’s Diner, Lunch/Supper and the now-closed Portrait House during this past year.


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