Best Pho

First Place: Mekong Restaurant

6004 W. Broad St.

Second Place: Pho So 1

Third Place: Vietnam 1

It’s as if voters don’t even remember the days before this Vietnamese street food was everywhere in Richmond. Overwhelmingly, Mekong wins for best pho, and if you’ve had one of its five pho offerings, you have an idea why. It’s inexpensive and full of flavor, and you can doctor it to your own taste with lime, basil, bean sprout and chili. It’s as good as grandma’s chicken soup when you’re under the weather or hungover. Owner An Bui has another theory. “I think it’s the beer. They come in and enjoy our beer and they get hungry,” he says. “Beer is the best pairing with pho.” It seems likely that voters already have figured this out. Rabid fans of Pho So 1, which is tucked away and easy to miss on Rigsby Road, offers rich broth and generous portions. And Vietnam 1 in the Far West End comes in third, making us think that every neighborhood has a devotion to its closest pho.


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