Best Outdoor Dining Experience

Legend Brewing Co.

321 W. Seventh St.

Second Place: The Boathouse

Third Place: Beauregard’s Thai Room

The view is even better from the big wooden deck at Legend Brewing Co. these days, now that some buildings have been torn down and the broad swath of river and downtown skyline is even easier to see. Legend has been a draw for years for its house-made brews, hot wings, live music and relaxed vibe. At a more chi-chi end of the riverfront spectrum, the architecturally stunning Boathouse at Rocketts Landing offers a swank riverside setting for noshing and drinking; its Swift Creek Reservoir counterpart in Brandermill remains the king of water-view eateries here. For garden lovers, downtown’s Beauregard’s Thai Room masters the gentle rhythms of flowers, fountains and breezes within an enclosure that keeps the world at bay.


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