Best New Dome

Hollywood is always looking for that next-level experience to drag viewers off their sofas and away from their home cinema systems. In Richmond we have something that does the trick, especially if you like science films. Sure, it looked like the reconstruction of the Death Star from “Star Wars” while it was being built. But the new digital dome at the Science Museum, the result of a $2.2 million renovation to the old Imax, has created a much more powerful, seamless digital screen to envelop your senses. The resulting Digistar 5 full-dome 3-D system includes five 25,000 lumen projectors at 4-K resolution running at 120 hertz, with the resolution of these projectors producing more than 29 million pixels on the dome — more than 14 times the resolution of HDTV. And when you’re watching 20-foot great white sharks in South Africa fly through the air to grab dinner, that stuff matters.


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