Best New Bar

The Blue Goat

5710 Grove Ave.

Second Place: Kai

Third Place: Bellytimber Tavern

An influx of new bars is turning an area once known for endless strollers and window lace-doily-shopping (perhaps we exaggerate) into — dare we say it — a destination spot for drinkers?! This is in no small thanks to the Blue Goat, a hip, modern gastro-pub located up from the Westhampton Theatre near the intersection of Libbie and Grove avenues. While the Richmond foodie community continues to rave about chef Kevin LaCivita’s inspired nose-to-tail menu, we tend to hit the bar first for the large, original (and ever-rotating) list of craft cocktails. The beer and wine selection is on-point too. The patrons cozying up to the spacious, granite-topped bar also is wide-ranging. City councilmen, West End power-brokers, young families and the occasional smattering of hipsters gives the Blue Goat the kind of crowd that few bars in Richmond can claim. Catching an art-house flick at the Westhampton has never been so fun — or tipsy.


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