Best Movie Theater

The Byrd Theatre

2908 W. Cary St.

Second Place: Movieland at Boulevard Square

Third Place: CinéBistro at Stony Point Fashion Park

The Byrd is a state historic landmark that gets national media attention —especially recently. The gorgeous 1928 cinema palace in Carytown had the Huffington Post travel section call it the “one thing you must do in Virginia.” Style also learned that the theater would be featured in a French documentary on the world’s greatest movie palaces. If that weren’t enough, Byrd manager Todd Schall-Vess makes the venue affordable to local filmmakers and groups. What other town’s burgeoning filmmakers get to see their work in such an amazing cinema? Let’s hope one day it will see the complete renovation it so deserves. Movieland at Boulevard Square offers a wide selection of films in a train-themed building with an indoor bar. And third place goes to the very modern CinéBistro at Stony Point Fashion Park, where legroom is unmatched and servers bring food and drinks to your large, cushy seat.


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