Best Men’s Fashion

Franco’s Fine Clothiers

5321 Lakeside Ave.

Second Place: Ledbury

Third Place: Need Supply Co.

Franco’s started as a custom tailor, so it isn’t entirely surprising that its staff members are fanatics about fit. And they still do custom suits. But if off-the-rack is more your speed, they can steer you toward the brand with a cut that’s most likely to flatter your form and back that up with expert, in-house tailoring. “When it comes to making something fit a person, we’re the people that make that happen,” co-owner Mark Ambrogi says. Don’t come in expecting a stodgy experience — they cater to all tastes and are up on trends. Ledbury has made its name with dress shirts, and excels at marketing. The store regularly refreshes its collection with seasonal additions. Need Supply Co. couldn’t be trendier if it tried. You’ll find hip dresses, patterned shirts and the like, including a $220 pair of sweatpants made in Copenhagen, Denmark.


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