Best Local TV Newscast

First Place: WWBT NBC-12

Second Place: WTVR CBS-6

Third Place: WRIC 8 News

Sure, the chirpy newsreaders behind the desks get all the glory, but let’s face it: Producers are the unsung engines of local TV news, running the race, cranking it out, making it happen. We asked the producers at voter favorite NBC-12 what makes it work. “I think a great producer is a journalist, a mathematician and sometimes a psychologist,” shares Executive Producer J.W. Barnes, who supervises weeknight newscasts and crews. There are strict timelines to follow, strong writing to put forth and a team to motivate. His colleague, Assistant News Director Frank Jones, notes that the team is producing nearly 50 hours of news a week. Three key ingredients of a successful show? “A newscast that is relevant, compelling, and one that a viewer walks away from and learned something new.” Voters also appreciate the reporting and strong team at CBS-6, as well as the folks behind 8 News, who are making note of their rise in the ratings. All three stations have embraced social media channels, mobile phone technology and of course, just can’t tell you enough about the weather.


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