Best Local Radio Station for Music

Richmond Independent Radio 97.3-FM (WRIR)

Second Place: 103.7 The River (WURV)

Third Place: Liberty 98.9-FM (WWLB)

For the second year in a row, WRIR leads the pack with its morning, nighttime and weekend music programming — eclectic, noncommercial music programming, that is. At this listener-supported frequency, the airwaves come alive with smartly curated progams sporting such names as “Party of One,” “Mellow Madness” and “Paul’s Boutique.” The low-power station features everything from the very latest in indie and modern rock to vintage country, expansive world music, and huge slices of funk, soul and hip-hop. Plenty of attention is paid to local artists and previews of live performances too (see: “Activate,” featuring Style’s own Mike Rutz). Elsewhere on the dial, Richmond’s commercial stations still pull in listeners, even in a radio market getting weirder and nastier by the quarter hour. Cox Radio’s 103.7 The River takes second place with its mix of big-label modern music (Adele, Jet, Coldplay), the gap where classic rock radio leaves off (Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins) and throwbacks (Cranberries, Aerosmith, Tom Petty). And yes, you seem to like variety in your mix. With its slogan, “We’ll play anything,” sprightly Liberty 98.9, owned by Main Line Broadcasting, takes the third on your play list.


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