Best Local Meteorologist

Hall of Fame: Andrew Freiden, NBC-12

First Place: Nikki-Dee Ray, CBS 6

Second Place: Dave Tolleris,

Third Place: Jim Duncan, NBC-12

At NBC-12, Andrew Freiden has maintained an enthusiastic following with friendly, knowledgeable reports, community outreach and not taking himself too seriously. Across town, Nikki-Dee Ray makes it rain for CBS 6. Growing up in Alabama, her top-floor bedroom was a prime spot to watch frequent storms roll in over the hilly terrain. Her constant overreactions to them caused her parents to suggest she learn more about weather science to better understand what was happening and stop driving them crazy. “By sixth grade,” she says, “all my stuffed animals were named after meteorologists.” All those hot, sticky days in Alabama shaped Ray’s favorite weather: “Lots of sunshine, about 63 degrees and winds of 15 to 20 mph. I love a breeze continuously blowing like something new’s coming in.”


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